Kripalu Maharaj

Kripaluji Maharaj Divine

On the full moon night of October 1922, a special Divine power appeared on the earth planet. He is our supreme Spiritual Master, His Divine Excellency Kripalu Maharaj (lovingly called Shree Maharajji), who Graced the village of Mangarh, (Pratapgarh, U.P., India) by taking his birth at the midnight of Sharat Poornima, which is reverently remembered by the devotees for the reason that (about 5,000 years ago) on that particular full moon night Radha Krishn had revealed maharas to the Gopis at Vrindaban.

Kripalu Maharaj was born in a most respectable Hindu brahman family and spent his childhood in his village, delighting the people with his lovingly naughty acts. Since childhood his extraordinary virtues were noticed by the people. (As a custom of the family his elderly people got him married at an early age.) Later, in about his sixteenth year, he went to Mahu (a town in Madhya Pradesh) where he started his studies in Sanskrit; and, to the wonder of his classmates and the teachers, he finished the entire education within two years which was difficult for the other students to finish even in a score of years. By this time, his Divine greatness was revealed to the public, and even the lecturers of that Sanskrit college were influenced by his Divine personality.

He then decided to reveal his Divine love form, and, after leaving that college, he remained a few years in the deep ecstatic states of Mahabhao in the woods of Chitrakoot and Sharbhang etc., where he Graced the deserving devotees with Krishn love. Unfortunately, very little is known about his Divine manifestations of those days. At that time, whoever had seen him, would have glimpsed the true form of Radha Krishn love appearing in its full charm of highest ecstatic excitement.

Being always engrossed in the ecstatic states of Radha Bhao, it was hard to communicate with people. Once, in 1942 some devotees saw him in Vrindaban in this state of Radha Bhao. They approached him and requested him to come to their town and, in this way, he came in contact with common people. For the good of the souls, he subsided his Bhao state and then started to give sankirtan programs at the houses of the devotees. People saw his Divine expressions and were drawn to him. They listened to his talks (which he was rarely giving at that time) and were greatly impressed by his unparalleled scriptural wisdom. In those days his stay at any place was always unscheduled, so at any time he would come to any of his closely related devotees and Grace the audience by his satsang. His satsang of those days was a live form of Radha Krishn love and he mostly remained in this ecstatic state of Divine love. Only those who witnessed that satsang could imagine the charm of it, words cannot describe it. His sankirtan programs of those days were like the vivid glow of Radha Krishn love that touched every heart, inspired everyone who was there and thrilled every soul who desired Krishn love. Devotees have witnessed the supreme Bhao of Radha Rani’s love in him, so he was called Mahaprabhu. During those days a number of non-stop nam sankirtan programs were also arranged.

Kripalu Maharaj showered the true nectar of nam sankirtan continuously. Its Blissfulness was so amazing that it could be compared to the Divine nam sankirtan of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu which he gave to the people of Nadia 500 years ago. On the request of the devotees he revealed and detailed the devotional philosophy of Krishn love (Prem Ras Siddhant). He called for one of the devotees and dictated the whole philosophy with the Sanskrit quotations of scriptures (although he has never read those scriptures). The devotee was incredibly amazed upon the scriptural omniscience of Kripalu Maharaj.

In 1955, he organized a religious convention (sammelan) at a holy place, Chitrakoot, and in 1956 in Kanpur, where he invited the leading religious personalities of various spiritual missions of India. They delivered their speeches, and the convention successfully went on for fifteen days. His name dawned in the hearts of many of the leading preachers and the learned men. In the Kanpur convention the chief secretary of “Kashi Vidvat Parishad”, who was a great learned person and a popular figure of Varanasi, happened to come and listen to Kripalu Maharaj’s speech. He was so overtaken with the unparalleled scriptural wisdom of Maharaj Shree that, when he went back home, he invited him to Grace the scholars and the pandits of Varanasi with his Divine speech; and thus, Kripalu Maharaj went over there in 1957. Varanasi is the center of literal wisdom of scriptures for centuries.